Supervisors of the Checklist & Moderator

Supervisors of the Checklist are election officers who are responsible for registering qualified citizens to vote and correcting and maintaining the checklist of registered voters pursuant to NH State Election Laws. The checklist contains the name of every qualified voter who is registered to vote in the Town of Thornton.  The Board of Supervisors in Thornton consists of 3 elected members who serve a rotating 6-year term.

You can also register to vote with the Town Clerk during her regular business hours.

The Moderator is also an election officer who is in charge of the election process and presides in the Town Meetings, regulates the business thereof, decides questions of order and makes a public declaration of every vote passed.  The Moderator is elected for a 2-year term.


Supervisors of the Checklist

Name Title
Cindy McAuley Supervisor (2027)
Mary Pelchat Supervisor (2025)
John Piantedosi Moderator (2024)
Clarissa Uttley Supervisor (2026)