Tax Collector

For specific questions and/or issues for the Tax Collector regarding your tax bill, payments made or the liening & deeding processes, contact the Tax Collector's office Tuesdays through Fridays during regular business hours or by email at .

Tax payments are accepted Monday - Thursday 8am - 4pm and Friday 8am - 3:30pm by any of the staff in the Tax Collector or Town Clerk offices.

The goal of the Tax Collector office is to provide the residents and property owners of Thornton with efficient, friendly, accurate and timely services and information. The purpose of the Tax Collector function is to collect as much tax revenue as possible throughout the year to help the Town meet its financial obligations of each year. The Tax Collector is responsible for the preparation and mailing of the tax bills based on information received from the assessors. The Tax Collector is also responsible for the processing of property tax liens on properties that become delinquent as a way to help protect the revenue base for the Town.

Since I began my career in municipal government in 1995, I have acquired many educational certifications specifically designed to encompass legal, ethical and mandatory procedures specifically required of the position of Tax Collector. I have also been actively involved with the NH Tax Collectors Association and the NH City & Town Clerks Association executive boards which has allowed me to maintain a constant resource and networking opportunity. I feel very strongly about continuing education programs in the area of municipal government. With the constant changing of laws, if you do not continue your education and networking you can soon loose site of the ever-changing legal requirements of the job. Therefore, I have pledged to always keep up with educational opportunities specifically relative to the functions of Tax Collector. As Tax Collector of Thornton since 2011, I wish to express my great appreciation to the residents and taxpayers of Thornton for allowing me to serve your community.


Desiree L. Mahurin, Certified Tax Collector

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Alisa Schofield Tax Collector (603) 726-4232
Pamela White Deputy Tax Collector (603) 726-4232 Ext 116