Zoning Compliance & Enforcement

Permits for Construction

If you are a builder, developer or a homeowner who wants to build, demolish or remove any structures please acquire a Zoning Compliance Permit. 

Permits are issued upon approval of the applications by the Board of Selectmen.  No construction shall start prior to approval and receipt of the permit. Please refer to the Application Deadlines for the permit timeline. Upon submission of a completed application, the construction site must be staked out where the proposed structure(s) will be located and the 2 nearest boundary lines to the proposed structure(s) must be clearly marked and identifiable.

Please see the fee schedule for details on fees.

Approved Zoning Compliance Applications are valid for 2 years from the date of approval. Permits shall be posted in a conspicuous place on the property during the construction of the project identified on the permit. The property and construction process are subject to inspection by the Town's Zoning Review Officer and/or the Zoning Enforcement Representative as well as Town Assessing Officials.

The Town requires a Zoning Compliance Application form for assessing purposes and does not require Town building inspections or issue occupancy permits. The Town does not issue any permits for mechanical, electrical or plumbing. The purpose of a Zoning Compliance Application is to help ensure zoning compliance as directed in the Zoning Ordinance, ensure construction complies with applicable local, state and federal laws and codes, helps protect property values town-wide and ensures that assessments represent "fair and equitable taxation."

Applications for Commercial Development, Multi-family Dwellings and Home Occupations shall be reviewed and approved by the Thornton Planning Board prior to an application for construction being submitted to the Board of Selectmen, as required by Regulations and the Zoning Ordinance. Please contact the Planning Director for details.




Zoning Compliance Permit Coordinator

Zoning Review Officer