Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders FAQs

How do I obtain a restraining order?

Domestic violence restraining orders are obtained from the 2nd Circuit Court – Plymouth in Plymouth, NH during regular business hours depending on your situation. Emergency domestic violence and stalking restraining orders are obtained from a Thornton Police officer after the court is closed. The Thornton Police Department will maintain active restraining orders on file until their expiration, which is determined by the court. More information regarding domestic violence may be obtained through Voices Against Violence (603) 536-5999 or by contacting a Thornton Police officer at (603) 726-3871.

How is a Restraining Order served?

The order can only be served in hand (in person) by a police officer. The order can be served at place of employment or residence. The order will be served as timely as possible. All reasonable attempts are made to locate the defendant. The petition is NOT IN EFFECT until served to the defendant. If problems arise prior to service being made, the plaintiff should contact their local authorities and advise them of the problem at hand. Service of the petition will be attempted at that time.

What do I do once it’s been served?

The temporary restrictions must be followed by the defendant until appearance in court. You need to appear in court on the date listed on the petition to address charges. The court then decides whether or not the order will continue or be revoked.

What if the DVP is not served prior to the court date?

The plaintiff must still appear in court on the specified date. A hearing cannot be held without the defendant’s presence. The court will provide a new court date and continue the temporary orders.

What do I do if the person I have a restraining order on contacts me?

You should contact the Thornton Police Department and speak with an officer, as this is a violation of the court order.

How do I arrange a civil standby if I need to get my stuff from my ex’s house?

Call the Thornton Police Department to make arrangements. There may be restrictions for a civil stand by if there is an active restraining order in place. The on duty officer will make a determination if the civil stand by is allowable. There is a fee for this service if the amount of time needed is over 20 minutes. Or you can contact a Sherriff at the Grafton County Sherriff’s Department at 800-564-6911 to make arrangements with a Sherriff.