Evidence Division

The Thornton Police Department Evidence Officer handles the intake, storage, security, transportation and disposal of all evidence, found property, safekeeping property, and surrendered items.

Access to the Evidence Room is strictly controlled through limited access and additional security measures. The Evidence Room is responsible for properly accounting, logging, and maintaining all property received on a case until there is final court disposition. If items enter the evidence room as safekeeping or found property, the items are released to the rightful owner when proof of ownership is provided. If the items are unclaimed by the rightful owner, the items are disposed of in accordance with New Hampshire state law.

My property has been seized by the police department or recovered by the police department, how do I get it back?

If the Police Department is holding your property as the result of an arrest or criminal investigation, or your stolen property has been recovered and you would like to know how to get it back, please contact our Evidence Officer- Sergeant Gilman. The Evidence Officer’s hours may vary and he may not be prepared to respond to walk-ins. You may call the Thornton Police Department at (603) 726-3871 to make arrangements.

If your firearms were seized pursuant to a Domestic Violence Restraining Order, you will need an order signed by a Judge for the release of firearms. Please have a copy of the order in hand when you come to the police station.