COVID-19: Updates & Resources


For NH residents with questions call the following


General questions on COVID-19:  2-1-1
Callers will reach a phone menu, and then select the ‘COVID’ option to reach a live operator.  Callers should expect to wait patiently for many minutes to reach an operator.

To immediately report any suspect cases of COVID-19 (via exposure or travel) to the DPHS at: During the day, call 603-271-4496 (office hours from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM) or 603-271-5300 (only after hours).  Caller should expect to leave a message with an operator, or leave a voice mail, and wait patiently for a return call within a few hours.

Direct sick people (i.e. symptomatic with fever, cough or shortness of breath) should call their healthcare provider. If they don’t have a provider, they can call an urgent care clinic and ask for an evaluation.


Information about COVID-19


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Includes information on:

  • How to protect yourself
  • What to do if you feel sick, including a list of COVID-19 symptoms
  • Actions to take for older adults and those at high risk
  • Guidance for: travelers, businesses, schools, communities, healthcare professionals

Frequently Asked Questions (Will warm weather stop the outbreak? Should I wear a facemask? Should I be concerned about pets?

World Health Organization Includes information on:

  • Travel advice
  • How to protect yourself, including details on social distancing
  • Situation updates

New Hampshire Health and Human Services Includes information on:

  • Number of COVID-19 cases in New Hampshire
  • Map of counties with confirmed COVID-19 cases
  • Information for residents (Guidance for first responders, health care facilities, information about Medicare, and more)

Johns Hopkins Map
Interactive map showing number of COVID-19 cases and other statistics related to the pandemic.

Federation of American Scientists “Ask a Scientist”
Answers from scientists on questions related to COVID-19. If a question is not answer, it can be submitted and a response will be emailed in the following days.


Unemployments Benefits

Governor Sununu's Emergency Order: Individuals who are unable to work or who have reduced hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic will have immediate access to unemployment benefits. Anyone in the following situations will now be eligible for state unemployment:

  • If your employer temporarily closes due to COVID-19;
  • Individuals that need to self-quarantine or are directed to quarantine at the instruction of a health care provider, employer or government official;
  • Individuals that need to care for a family member that has COVID-19 or is under quarantine;
  • Individuals that need to care for a dependent because of school closures, child care facility closures or other similar types of care programs;
  • Self-employed individuals that are temporarily unable to operate their business because of any of the above listed situations will also be eligible.


Utilities will not be shut off

Governor Sununu's Emergency Order: All providers of electric, gas, water, telephone, cable, VOIP, internet service, and deliverable fuel services will be prohibited from disconnecting or discontinuing service for non-payments for the duration of the State of Emergency.


Evictions and foreclosures prohibited

Governor Sununu's Emergency Order: Landlords will not be allowed to start eviction proceedings for those unable to pay due to their financial situations. To do so would be against the law. All judicial and non-judicial foreclosure actions will also be prohibited during the state of emergency.


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