Special Events Application and Forms

Pursuant to NH R.S.A. 286:1 through 5 - No theatrical or dramatic representation shall be performed or exhibited, and no parade or procession upon any public street or way, and no open air public meeting upon any ground abutting thereon, shall be permitted, unless special licenses therefore shall be first obtained from the Selectmen of the Town of Thornton.



Licensing serves to prevent confusion caused by overlapping parades or processions, to secure convenient use of the streets by other travelers, to ensure that proper public safety resources are available and to minimize the risk of disorder.

Special Event Defined:

An outdoor group activity including, but not limited to, a performance, meeting, assembly, contest, exhibit, ceremony, or non-routine activity that will take place on a public street or way or on any ground abutting thereon and which will bring together a large number of people and which may require additional planning and preparedness on the part of the Town of Thornton.

License Required:

The following outdoor special events shall require a license from the Thornton Board of Selectmen prior to commencement. 

  • Special events which involve the rent or lease of a site for the event.
  • Special events which charge an admission fee.
  • Special events which are anticipated to draw 200 or more attendees.
  • Special events which have a parade planned in connection with the event.
  • Special events which plan to display Class B or above pyrotechnics.
Application Requirements:
  1. In order to obtain a license under NH RSA 286 the applicant must submit a fully completed application, available at the Thornton Board of Selectmen Office and the Town’s website at least 45 days prior to the date for which the license is requested.
  2. License applications shall be completed jointly by a representative from the organization sponsoring the event, if any, and the owner of the property.
  3. 3.  A property owner liability release must accompany the submitted application.
  4. An abutters list and mailing labels must be attached to the submitted application. Costs of mailing certified mail return receipt requested notice to abutters must be paid at the time of application.  An abutters list and certified mail notification to abutters shall not be required for events that are not stationary to one property, such as a parade, foot race, or bicycle race.
  5. Copies of all other required licenses (such as alcohol and food service licenses) shall be attached to the application.
  6. There shall be a $100.00 license application fee for each application. 

Please see the Special Events Regulations below for further information.