Thornton, NH Town Services

Thornton, NH Town Services

The Town of Thornton provides many services for residents. From Building Services to Vital Records, if you have questions about a Town service, this is the place to look.

Building Services

If you are a builder, developer or a homeowner who wants to build, renovate, remodel or demolish/remove any structures please acquire a Zoning Compliance Application which can be found on our Documents Library page. For questions regarding the Zoning Compliance Application and/or the processing of such, please contact the Administrative Assistant.


  • $25 Demolition, Relocation, Change of Use of any structure
  • $50 Relocation, Change of Use of any structure, Change of Roofing, Dormer, Deck, Patio, Slab, Swimming Pool (inground or above ground greater than 18ft diam.)
  • $100 Garages, outbuildings, sheds, additions, renovations, remodel
  • $200 Houses, Mobile Homes, Industrial & Commercial Buildings, Accessory Apartments

Approved Zoning Compliance Applications are valid for 2 years from the date of approval.

The Town requires a Zoning Compliance Application form for assessing purposes and does not require Town building inspections or issue occupancy permits. The purpose of a Zoning Compliance Application is to help ensure zoning compliance as directed in the Zoning Ordinance, ensure construction complies with applicable local, state and federal laws and codes, helps protect property values town-wide and ensures that assessments represent "fair and equitable taxation."

Applications for Commercial Development, Multi-family Dwellings and Home Occupations shall be reviewed and approved by the Thornton Planning Board prior to an application for construction being submitted to the Board of Selectmen, as required by Regulations and the Zoning Ordinance. Please contact the Planning Director for details.

Dog Licensing

Every owner of a dog that is at least four months old must license their dog each year at the Town Clerk's office. Visit our Town Clerk web pages for more information.

Emergency Services

Visit our Police Department and Fire Department web sites for information on emergency services offered by the Town of Thornton.

Health & Welfare Issues

Contact our Health & Welfare officer for more information regarding Health & Welfare Issues.


Visit the Thornton Town Library web page for more information on the many services available to the public including wi-fi Internet access.

Marriage Licensing & Vital Records

The Town Clerk may issue a marriage license to the applicants the same day of the application, provided all signatures and statutory requirements are met. Visit our Town Clerk web page for more information.

Ordinances and Regulations

Get information about Town of Thornton current ordinances and regulations by visiting our Document Library.

Property Taxes

Visit the Tax Collector web page for information regarding property taxes, billing and collection processes. You may also use our on-line services link to Property Taxes Review/Pay Online for further information including tax amounts due and printing copies of tax bills.

Property Valuation

Information regarding property valuations can be acquired by visiting our Assessing Office or by using our on-line services link to Assessment Data Review Online. The Town Office offers a guest computer for assessing research as well.

Road Maintenance

Road issues can be addressed by our Road Agent at the Highway Department.

Trash and Recycling


Click here for Contact Information, Hours of Operation and information on the Thornton Mall [377 KB pdf]. Click here for information on Recycling and the Fee Schedule [634 KB pdf].

Vehicle Registrations & Services

The Municipal Agent and the Town Clerk office processes all motor vehicles including cars, truck, motorcycles, campers, trailer and boats. Visit our Motor Vehicle page for more information.

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